Becoming Law9000 certified usually takes between 8 and 12 months over three stages.


Getting started

Buy the LAW9000 set


You can order this now from the SAI Global InfoStore.


Take the LAW9000 training course


This explains the theory behind Law9000 and gives you a practical guide to introducing Law9000 into your firm. You’ll hear first-hand from leaders of firms
who’ve already introduced Law9000 and will learn:


  • How to craft policies and procedures so that they stay succinct and relevant; 

  • How to approach change in your workplace;

  • What to expect from a Law9000 audit.


Conduct a gap analysis


Once you’ve taken the training course you’re ready to carry out your own gap analysis, in which we work with you to identify where your firm needs to do more work. You’re now ready to start implementing Law9000 across your firm.


Applying for certification

Call SAI Global’s sales team on 1300 360 241 to receive a detailed proposal, including timeframes and costs.


Once you’ve agreed to the proposal you can book SAI Global’s auditors for a trial audit, in which they assess your firm’s performance against the Law9000 Standard. They will provide useful feedback so that you go into your first proper audit knowing exactly what to expect.


Firms almost always find that just preparing for this process immediately lifts their performance and that the increase to productivity lasts.


Now you’re ready it’s time to book a date for your first audit.


The certification process

Stage 1 Audit


SAI Global’s auditors will assess your documents and your readiness for a
stage 2 audit. They’ll include any recommendations in a report and ask you
to address any deficiencies


Stage 2 Audit


SAI Global’s auditors then return to see how you’ve addressed any issues identified during the Stage 1 Audit. They will then make a recommendation to the independent SAI Global Certification Authority. If you pass, you’ll be awarded a certificate and will have the right to display the SAI Global ‘Five Ticks’ Standard Mark.


Staying certified


To stay certified you’ll need to pass a surveillance audit every 12 months.
Your certification lapses after three years, at which time you’ll also have to
pass a more comprehensive re-certification audit.