The global mark of trust
LAW9000 lets you tap into the accumulated wisdom of one of the world’s most widely recognised quality assurance programs.


That’s because we’ve taken the globally trusted standard ISO 9001 – used by more than one million organisations around the world – and modified it to meet the specific needs of law firms. So when you choose LAW9000, you’re choosing to build your firm on the same processes that already underpin some of the world’s best businesses.

A culture of success
LAW9000 makes every member of your team responsible for ensuring quality.                          

This means your support staff share in the day-to-day responsibility of making sure all employees are following the principles of best practice. When this happens, the commitment to excellence doesn’t start and end at the top. It flows through all levels of your organisation and keeps everyone working together towards the same goals.

A platform for growth
In successful firms knowledge and experience don’t just reside in the minds of key staff.


Instead, these play out across the organisation’s processes, so “the way we do things” passes from person to person with minimum disruption. LAW9000 gives your firm the systems it needs for a seamless transfer of files and information. That way, when your firm takes on new staff or opens a new office, you won’t miss a beat.

A tailored approach
We know systems only work if they’re flexible enough to take into account your firm’s DNA.


That’s why LAW9000 can be adapted to suit your firm’s structure and established practices and meet your challenges and opportunities. In other words, we don’t prescribe the processes but help you build them from the ground up, so you get buy-in at every step.

Satisfied clients
It’s no secret that satisfied clients
become repeat clients.


They’re also one of your best methods of marketing, spreading the word about their positive experience and opening up new opportunities for your firm.When you become LAW9000 certified your clients can be confident your processes work and that you’ll have the systems in place to communicate effectively, keeping them informed at every step of their journey, even in the most complex matters. And that means higher levels of client satisfaction all round.

Reduced premiums
Insurers don’t discount premiums lightly.             

So when Lawcover offers a 10 per cent reduction in premiums to LAW9000 certified practices, you know you’re doing something right. When you become LAW9000 certified you’re not just laying the foundations for success, you’re also often making a direct saving on the cost of your insurance.